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Senior directors come with a hefty bill (amongst other things) so it makes sense for a lot of organisations to hire mid-level directors and employ consultants to support their team. Utilise our twenty years of digital marketing experience to support your team.

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Strategic consulting provides an invaluable perspective when analysing situations and recommending solutions. There are many reasons why an organisation may require external expertise, some of them are included below:

Defining Processes

Defining your successful processes is a key technique for improving your marketing performance (especially in SEO and PPC) and retaining knowledge. It identifies and records the innovative ways your teams have developed processes to ensure you can easily transfer and retain skills and knowledge. Through analysis, data collection, design, mapping and process redesign we will find the best way to make your processes effective and efficient, before introducing refinements to improve results.

Understanding the current situation

Depending on your requirements this can come in the form of a detailed marketplace and operational analysis or a shorter “SWOT” (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis to help you determine the best areas to focus your marketing efforts. This critical analysis needs to be completed before moving on to creating a marketing plan and setting improvement recommendations and performance goals.

Creating a plan

A strategic plan provides a framework with a roadmap that includes a logical sequence for you and your agency to follow. A good marketing plan defines all the tools and tactics you’ll use to achieve your objectives and assigns responsibilities and roles. It’s your plan of action and something you can later refer to when you need to check progress against previously agreed objectives.

Communicating with senior stakeholders

Stakeholder alignment is critical to ensure recommendations are actioned. A foundation for all my projects is a structured stakeholder alignment programme. It doesn’t matter what type or level of recommendation we are working on, the stakeholder alignment programme will be key to successful implementation.

Frequent questions we are asked.

We can help with many aspects of your digital marketing strategy and agency relationship. Below are some examples of the kind of questions we are asked a lot.

Do we need an agency?

Also, do we need a specialist SEO or PPC agency? Do they need experience in your marketplace? Could we build a great internal team? Time, budget, resources and objectives need to be closely analysed before answering this important question as the answer will critically impact your marketing performance.

Where should we spend our paid media budget?

In 2018, the average firm is expected to allocate approximately 40% of their marketing budget to digital, and this rate is expected to grow to 45% by 2020. There is now a myriad of options for organisations when choosing where to allocate media budget, some you might not even know.

How do we go international?

The international marketplace offers many opportunities for companies seeking to trade internationally. More and more agencies are offering international marketing services, do you need an agency to help with this and what is the correct process? Are localisation and culturalisation important?

Are we spending too much?

Business owners often wonder how much they should invest in PPC or if they have invested too much to generate their current level of return. To answer questions related to paid media budget, we just need data (and lots of it) to help you define a budgetary plan that aims to achieve your marketing goals.

What is the best channel to use?

There are so many options in every market around the globe. Choosing the right channels will save time and money and give your campaigns the boost they need to succeed.

What are my competitors doing?

Understanding the marketing techniques that have been successful in your marketplace is a key component of any good planning document and can save the need to experiment.

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