Search Engine Optimisation

Probably the most efficient digital channel

Many people dream of getting lots of targeted traffic from search engines like Google without paying for it. While that might not be possible, you can get close to it by conducting a brilliant Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. We can help you optimise your website for all the leading search engines and you can retain us to fine-tune your campaigns over time to improve results.

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Here’s how we can help you with some of the most important SEO activities:


Without a strong foundation of technical SEO, all your hard work building a website for your brand will go unnoticed. Search engines will either ignore it or, worse, penalise you if you get something wrong. Technical SEO is essential for every brand owner who is serious about trading online.


On-Page SEO is an evolving discipline that is vital to ensuring your audience finds relevant information quickly. It involves curating your content to ensure each page ranks highly for specific search terms, so the first page a new customer interacts with is the most suitable.


Understanding where to find your customers and potential customers is vital in an Omni-channel marketing strategy. Content marketing is a powerful channel to use as part of that strategy because it can increase your visibility by placing your brand messages in front of a larger audience.


‘Mobile First’ should be every brand’s philosophy because mobile now dominates most digital markets. Search engines also rank websites more highly if they work well on mobile. This makes optimising for mobile critical to any SEO strategy. We can help you optimise for mobile properly.


The ultimate goal of many digital marketing strategies is to improve digital performance (usually sales). To do this, you need to know what’s working, and what’s not. We do this is by analysing web analytics. If something isn’t working, we identify it and fix it.


It is important to audit and manage your links regularly to maintain a successful SEO campaign. The worst time to conduct a link audit is when something has already gone wrong. Of course, it helps to fix any issues but it is best to complete the process as part of your regular campaign review.