Build an internal marketing team

Time to bring it all in-house?

A frequent question we hear concerns the value of using an external agency and whether building an internal team is the best options for brands. Building an internal marketing team is a time consuming and difficult process but under the right conditions can lead to excellent results. Like other important decisions, careful planning is vital to ensure the best possible chance of success, especially as evaluation, can take many months to complete. We will advise you whether this is a worthwhile course of action for your organisation and what will be involved.

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Build a specialist high performing team

We’ve built SEO, Paid Media, Social and Content teams for brands and agencies and can help you build a team to achieve your objectives.

Best practice process

Teams need to grow around best practice processes, we will help you place best practice at the heart of every team you build to ensure your teams perform an excellent standard of work.

Robust structure

Employee churn is a natural occurrence in modern digital marketing teams, we will help you plan for this and build robust teams that deliver consistently good results and achieve marketing objectives.


A key element to foster in your team is innovation as it can lead to competitive advantage. We will show you how to encourage innovation, then define it so you can retain all associated skills and processes.

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