Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager

You will join our marketing team to collaborate and deliver industry leading cross market and channel campaigns for our e-commerce clients. Our team consists of Account Managers (you), Designers, Client Manager (team lead), Content Writers, Paid Search Managers and Social Experts. Your role is to liaise with the client and ensure the clients goals are met by managing the teams so they are as effective as possible in achieving the client’s goal and revenue targets.

Typical weekly tasks:

Manage tasks in our task management system to ensure weekly tasks are completed
Field client requests and feedback via email and phone
Attend scheduled client update video calls
Attend scheduled internal update calls
Report on progress


Retain excellent existing relationships with clients
Field all communications from client so operational team can focus on tasks
Ensure clients are achieving their performance goals


At least 5 years agency experience is essential to feel comfortable in this role, your experience will be the key to helping clients unlock their potential and improve their digital performance.

How to apply:

To apply send a coving letter and CV or LinkedIn profile via the contact page, or using the form below.