Amazon launch campaigns

We can place your product in front of 1000s of engaged Amazon shoppers quickly 

87% of Amazon sellers fail in the first two years. We can quickly build visibility for your products in Amazon and help your business succeed.


A suite of services for Amazon

We help clients who are new to Amazon or who are already on Amazon and need help improving sales performance.

Keyword research

We will use specialist tools to find the keywords that people use in Amazon and the auto suggest keywords that Amazon recommends people use. This will help us quickly identify where we need to build visibility for your prodcuts.

 Competitor Analysis

By analysing competitors we can see the exoected revenue they are generating from Amazon and how they are generating that revenue. This is a incredibly powerful way to cut time in your route to Amazon sales success.

Listing Optimisation

Once we have identified the keywords that are most profitable for you to target then we will optimise your product listings for those keywords. Proper Amazon keyword optimisation is another shortcut to building profitable campaigns.

Paid promotions

Paid promotion on Amazon comes in many formats from lightning deals to PPC, we will advise you on the different options currently available to you and recommend a solution to meet your business requirments. Once setup Amazon promotions will quickly generate a lot of visibility.

Visibility tracking

Using our advanced suite of analytical tools we will track both your Amazon paid and organic visibility and report on how profitable your campaigns have been.

After sale automation

Ensuring your customers have a great experience is another important tactic as it will improve repeat orders and inspire customers to write reviews. We will advise how you can use automation to build a powerful Amazon CRM system.

Social Campaigns

We will show you how to build visibility of your Amazon products in social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. We will also help you stay engaged with your Amazon audience in social by building custom audiences.

Auditing and planning

We can analyse your current Amazon marketing and CRM setup and advise you on how to improve your strategy and tactics in order to achieve better sales performance on Amazon.